2018 Pension Focus Conference: Speaker Preview

The 2018 Pension Focus Conference, sponsored by Pension Consultants, Inc., is a don’t miss event featuring expert speakers on the topic of retirement plan performance. Designed specifically to educate retirement plan sponsors and fiduciaries working with corporate sponsored retirement plans on how to deliver a top-performing plan, Pension Focus has been equipping attendees for more than 20 years.

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6 Year-End Retirement Plan Tips to help your portfolio be top performing

6 Year End Retirement Plan Tips to help your portfolio be top performingThe end of the year is approaching fast. For many of us, that means spending time with friends and family and eating way too much.  Before we get distracted from one of the happiest (and most stressful) times of the year, here are some year-end tips you may want to consider with your investments:Continue reading

NOW is the Time to Prepare for the New Money Market Rules

Are you preparing for the new money market rules? If not, you should be.

The new money market fund rules take effect October 2016. Now is the time for you as plan sponsors and fiduciaries to start reviewing your plan’s current money market fund holdings and make decisions on what to do going forward. If you haven’t already made plans to do so, sit down with your plan adviser so they can explain (1) the new rules and (2) how the new rules will affect retirement plans.Continue reading

Excessive Fee Settlements Continue

November has already been a busy month in the world of retirement plan excessive fee litigation settlements. On November 5th came the announcement that the Spano v. Boeing excessive fee settlement would result in a $57 million payout by Boeing. This case was one of the original excessive fee lawsuits filed in 2006, and the settlement was announced the day before the case was set to go to trial.[1]Continue reading

Changing View of Retirement Can Benefit Workers and Employers

A recent Merrill Lynch survey found that 72% of pre-retirees older than 50 said that their ideal retirement would include continuing to work in some form. As I interact with individuals who are nearing retirement, we frequently discuss what they plan to do with the next 20 or 30 years of their life. After hundreds of these conversations, my common refrain has become: “It is not enough to retire from something; you must retire to something.” Sometimes preparing for the financial part of retirement is a cake walk compared to getting ready for the non-financial parts. Also the fact that many people are living longer and healthier lives has led to a changing view of retirement.Continue reading