Fiduciary Committee Training Workshop

Learn How to Be an Effective 401(k) Fiduciary Committee Member for Your Employees

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Thursday, June 27, 2024 from 9 am to 12 pm (CST)

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As a retirement plan fiduciary, you are uniquely positioned to make a positive impact in the lives of your participants and their families. In fact, your role is critical.


Whether you’re a first-time retirement plan committee member or a long-time veteran, you want to make the best decisions for your plan participants to get them on track for retirement.


But let’s face it, serving as a member of a 401(k) retirement plan committee can feel extracurricular. It isn’t a part of your ‘regular’ job duties and training for the role has been spotty, at best. So, how can you be confident in this important work and feel equipped to make the big decisions ahead of you?


Join us for the upcoming interactive live public workshop. We host this comprehensive workshop designed to teach you what you need to know to feel confident and successful in your role – and make a difference in your employees’ lives!

Upcoming Workshop

Save the Date for the Next Session on June 27, 2024!

Committee Full Access Registration for $195

Thursday, June 27, 2024
9 am - 12 pm (CST)

For $195, your entire fiduciary committee has exclusive access to join us at the upcoming live fiduciary workshop!

Are you ready to feel confident in your fiduciary role?​

What You Can Expect

The Fundamentals of Retirement Plan Oversight and the Fiduciary Role

Understand what being a fiduciary means and the great impact the role has on employees.

Legally Speaking: ERISA and the Rules of the Retirement Plan Game

Understand the best practices to execute your role with confidence. Learn how to comply with ERISA and regulatory expectations.

Plan Management and Governance

Understand your plan, it's documents, and fiduciary standards of conduct.

How to Conduct the Oversight Orchestra

Understand how to select and monitor your plan's service provider ensemble and how each role performs in harmony.

The Importance of Objective Plan Measurements

Understand the 3 key elements of the plan that drives employee retirement readiness the most: Contributions, Investment Lineup, and Fees. Learn why performance matters and how it can have a significant impact on retirement.

An Interactive, Hands-On, and Collaborative Environment

Turn learning into actions you can apply to your retirement plan immediately. Build your fiduciary toolkit with case studies, breakout rooms, and fiduciary networking opportunities.

What You’ll Gain

  1. 1.  Knowing you’re doing well by doing good for your employees.
    2. Confidence in a job well done with increased knowledge and tools.
    3. Clear, actionable steps to offer a plan that helps serve your entire organization.


For over 20 years, Chris has been an advocate for improving the financial security of employees in the United States. Chris shares his passion, knowledge, and experience as he educates clients, plan sponsors, and fiduciaries on the consequences of financial stress on people and workplace productivity. He works exclusively with 401(k) and 403(b) plan sponsors and fiduciary committees addressing the reality that most people aren’t on track for retirement. Chris emphasizes fundamental concepts and practical approaches that retirement plan decision-makers face as they work to provide a retirement plan that gets employees on track to retire.

Chris has developed and implemented a variety of systems that have improved clients’ retirement plans. He also pioneered PCI’s vendor research system which includes extensive service-provider comparative analysis and benchmarking. Chris testified in Washington D.C. at the Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration on fiduciary matters related to fee disclosure as part of the Hearing on Reasonable Contracts or Arrangements under Section 408(b)(2) and testified before the DOL’s ERISA Advisory Council.

Chris leads public workshops to train fiduciary committees, as well as conducts private training sessions for individual fiduciary committees across the country. He has spoken at over 50 conferences and seminars.

Chris is a member of the American Retirement Association and the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA) and currently serves on ASPPA’s leadership counsel. As a member of ASPPA, he serves as both a Qualified Pension Administrator (QPA) and a Qualified 401(k) Consultant (QKC).

10 Topics to Cover

  • – Serving on a fiduciary committee is a sobering responsibility – focus on who you serve.
  • – Find out who a retirement plan serves.
  • – Learn what a plan success looks like.
  • – Learn how to comply with ERISA and regulations. 
  • – Get an update on the latest policy changes.
  • – Learn who runs the show when overseeing your plan.
  • – Understand the Fiduciary Standards and know your power.
  • – Review the Retirement Plan Rulebook, including plan documents and governance.
  • – Find out how to mitigate any potential legal liability.
  • – Learn how to avoid common mistakes.
  • – Put into context what happens when you fail to meet ERISA standards through relevant case studies.
  • – Learn how to assemble the right team to help you run your plan.
  • – Understand whether or not your service providers are adding value to the plan. 
  • – Review the duties of the internal staff.
  • – Learn how to assemble your plan’s investment lineup and its impact on participants.
  • – Find out how to evaluate your investment lineup’s performance.
  • – Understand the importance of the quality of fund selection.
  • – Review the power of fees and how they can impact retirement readiness.
  • – Understand the value of services and vendors.
  • – Learn the best tips to lower the total fees paid by the plan.
  • – Learn the importance of getting participants to make the appropriate contributions.
  • – Identify the best ways to increase participation rates. 
  • – Commit to helping participants get on track for retirement.

Continuing Education Available


3 SHRM continuing education credit hours are available for this program. 


3 HRCI continuing education credit hours are available for this program. 


3 NASBA continuing education credit hours are available for this program. 


    1. What is the investment? 
    2. An investment of $195.00 is required to attend the live workshop. This investment gains you and your entire fiduciary committee exclusive access to the upcoming workshop.
    4. Is this the only time I can attend this workshop?
    5. The workshop is a bi-monthly event. You can attend any present and future events based on your availability and schedule.

  1. How long is the workshop?
  2. The workshop is 3-hours, split into 2 interactive and robust sessions that equip you with knowledge and resources that will help you provide a plan that gets employees on track for retirement. 
    1. Is there anything I need to prepare before the workshop? 
    2. We highly encourage you to read Rewarding Retirement: How Fiduciary Committees Can Elevate Workers, Companies, And Communities. While the workshop will go into greater detail on the advice presented in the book, it’s a great resource you can use to familiarize yourself with the concepts beforehand. You can download a free chapter here

Additionally, we also recommend bringing a copy of your Summary Plan Description. We will spend some time reviewing plan documents and plan governance. 

Workshop Preview

Familiarize yourself with the concepts presented in the workshop through Rewarding Retirement. It’s an insider’s guide that equips you with the tools and knowledge you need to feel confident in your fiduciary role. 

A Top Plan Adviser Committed to Your Success

Recognized as a 2021 Top 100 Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) by FA Magazine, a multiple year Top 100 Retirement Plan Adviser by PLANADVISER magazine, and a two-time finalist for Plan Adviser of the Year by Plan Sponsor magazine, Pension Consultants Inc. has helped companies all over the country manage their retirement plans since 1994.


Through clear, objective, performance standards, radical reporting transparency, and fee accountability, PCI gives your fiduciary committee confidence that your plan gets your employees ready to retire.

Gaye Knight
Gaye Knight
Director of Accounting, Wright, Lindsey, & Jennings LLP
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"This fiduciary education was full of specific information that can be used immediately to manage our plan better."
Megan Dunlap
Megan Dunlap
HR Manager, JA Riggs
Read More
"I thought the speaker and the material were very educational and current. Mr. Thixton was very engaged with the content and provided real-life, current examples of the importance of our position."
Jeff Danielson
Jeff Danielson
Chief Compliance Officer, Avian LLC
Read More
"A solid review for me. Really like the orchestra concept in training and developing a team to operate a 401(k) plan. Always a pleasure to hear Chris present on the topic of retirement readiness."
TPSU Attendee
TPSU Attendee
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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"Gave fresh perspective to designing ideal plans"
TPSU Attendee
TPSU Attendee
Houston, Texas
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"Learned some helpful hints about employee retirement options"
TPSU Attendee
TPSU Attendee
St. Louis, Missouri
Read More
"The lecturer was very knowledgeable and provided great take-aways."
TPSU Attendee
TPSU Attendee
Louisville, Kentucky
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"Reminded of the importance of periodically reviewing plan design."
TPSU Attendee
TPSU Attendee
Charlotte, North Carolina
Read More
"Meaningful examples of how to drive and improve plan participation."
TPSU Attendee
TPSU Attendee
Indianapolis, Indiana
Read More
"Made me think about what was more important...filing on time or getting employees ready for retirement"

The testimonials above were received from attendees of previous Fiduciary Training Workshops and The Plan Sponsor University (TPSU) training sessions provided by Chris Thixton with written permission. No compensation, goods, or services were exchanged for any testimonial. 

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