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    WEBINAR – Improve Plan Performance with Vendor Monitoring

    Date/Time Date(s) – October 27, 201611:00 am – 11:30 am Categories Webinar Monitoring plan vendors is necessary to help protect you, the employer, from fiduciary liability but is also critical for improving plan performance. The industry is constantly changing, making it hard to know where to start. This webinar will discuss why you should monitor […]

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Best Practices From Our Experts

Is it time to break up with your fund manager?

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By now you probably know that your duty to look after your investments does not end after the initial due diligence of selecting an investment manager. Manager selection is a crucial first step, but that is really only the beginning. You must establish a process to prudently monitor your investments with quantifiable criteria that will […]Read More

Negative Interest Rates – what do they mean to you?

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For all of financial history, there has been a basic premise. The premise was that if I loaned you money, you would pay me back more than I lent you. Typically, the money paid back that is above the repayment of the principle is classified as “interest”. Even in Muslim countries that do not believe […]Read More

Q3 2016 Capital Markets Review

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With the important 4th quarter ahead of us, it’s time to check the rearview and see what transpired last quarter to get us where we are. Most markets trended up for the quarter, and there were no major geopolitical drivers for under- or out-performance. There are still a slew of worries surrounding global markets such […]Read More