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Best Practices From Our Experts

All indexes are the same, right?

by in Investment, Participant

For the past decade or so, index funds have become all the rage from academia, to Middle America, to the corporate boardroom. Index funds are designed to replicate the performance of an underlying index by buying all (or substantially all) the securities in that index. There are dozens of index providers such as S&P, Dow […]Read More

A way forward for the Plan Adviser industry – investment selection and removal

by in Company News, Retirement Industry Updates

Performance transparency is the plan adviser’s path to a better future. As a group, we need to openly choose to move off of the path we have been on and move onto this new path. The one we have been on was set for us by the historical roots of the financial services industry. That […]Read More

Checksmart Excessive Fee Suit Requires Closer Look at Fund Performance

by in ERISA, Retirement Industry Updates

A recently filed lawsuit attempts to hold plan fiduciaries to what has been an unprecedented standard until now. Previous lawsuits accused plan fiduciaries (with a slight amount of industry knowledge) of what could be considered “a no brainer”: don’t pay too much. If there is an identical or nearly identical investment option offered at a […]Read More