When to Buy and Sell Mutual Funds

The equity markets have been choppy over the last year and a half.  Last year we had one of the worst Septembers to immediately be followed by one of the best Octobers. January 2016 started with a large cap pullback in the 5% range to have the markets rebound close to 6.5% in March. [1]

When these market upturns and downturns occur, clients and participants of retirement plans often ask why their portfolio return is different from the total return reflected on a mutual fund fact sheet.  Before answering the question, a person first needs to understand the difference between total return and investor return within a mutual fund. Continue reading

Excessive Fee Lawsuit Reaches Further

At the end of December, the St. Louis based law firm Schlichter, Bogard, & Denton filed yet another in what is becoming a long list of class action lawsuits against retirement plan sponsors. This lawsuit, however, caught the eye of many industry observers because it seems to be pushing the envelope of what a plan sponsor can be sued for further than seen before.Continue reading