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Top Performing Plan Series, Part 3: Unveiling Your Plan’s Performance


In the final segment of our three-part Top-Performing Plan Series, we discussed how important clear and easy-to-understand reporting is to a good retirement plan. We took an in-depth look at industry-standard reporting and how it can fall short. We compared some good – and not so good – reports. Finally, we talked about how to put all the information you gather together and determine if your plan is truly performing to the right standard. View part three below!



Top Performing Plan Series, Part 2: Measuring Your Plan’s Performance


In part two of our three-part webinar series, we took a deeper dive into the performance standards that help fiduciaries understand how their plans are truly performing: Investment Lineup Performance, Plan Fees, and Employee Retirement Readiness. We also explained how you can better understand plan performance in these areas. View part two below!



Top Performing Plan Series, Part 1: Do you have CONFIDENCE in your retirement plan?


In part one of our three-part webinar, Pension Consultants, Inc. Director of Sales, Todd Hughes, JD, discusses how transparent measurements against objective performance standards can increase your confidence that you’re providing your employees with a top-performing retirement plan.

You’ll gain valuable insight into:
• What it means to have REAL confidence in the retirement plan you provide
• What makes a TOP-PERFORMING plan
• What OBJECTIVE performance measures you should use to analyze your plan


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