NOW is the Time to Prepare for the New Money Market Rules

Last Updated: January 21, 2016

Are you preparing for the new money market rules? If not, you should be.

The new money market fund rules take effect October 2016. Now is the time for you as plan sponsors and fiduciaries to start reviewing your plan’s current money market fund holdings and make decisions on what to do going forward. If you haven’t already made plans to do so, sit down with your plan adviser so they can explain (1) the new rules and (2) how the new rules will affect retirement plans.
It’s widely anticipated that the new rules will result in fund companies changing fund options. That’s why it’s important you know what money market funds you have now and what will be available come October 2016. You need to start assessing options now so you have enough time to collect information and go through a fiduciary process to evaluate what’s available. Your plan adviser should be able to provide you recommendations. To learn more on how your retirement plan could be impacted and steps you can take, contact our Investment Services Team or call 800.234.9584 today.
If you receive NAPAnet’s printed magazine, you can also read their article “NAV-igating New Money Fund Waters” in their Winter 2015 edition for additional information on these new money market rules and retirement plan considerations.
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