Brian Allen, CFP®, Author of Rewarding Retirement, Featured on BusinessRadioX Retirement Tips

Posted on October 9, 2020

Brian Allen, CFP®, founder and chairman of Pension Consultants, Inc. and author of Rewarding Retirement: How Fiduciary Committees Can Elevate Workers, Companies, and Communities, was recently featured on BusinessRadioX Retirement Tips. Joining host Beau Henderson, Brian sat down to discuss what it means to oversee a corporate retirement plan, as well as what it looks like for a fiduciary committee to provide a rewarding retirement.


In the interview, Brian highlights the honorable, yet challenging, role of a corporate retirement plan fiduciary committee member, and the pivotal part they play in preparing their participants to retire on time with dignity. He spends a few minutes discussing different types of conflicts of interest a committee can face and how to be aware of them. He also reviews the three key drivers – total contributions, investment lineup, and plan fees – every fiduciary should be closely monitoring to know if they are, indeed, offering a plan that adequately helps employees prepare for retirement.


Hear Brian discuss this and more in the full podcast below: 

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