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Pension Consultants, Inc. Recently Named a 2018 NAPA Top DC Advisor Firm

Last Updated: January 12, 2019


The nation’s leading voice for retirement plan advisors – The National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) – has published its list of the top defined contribution (DC) advisor teams in the U.S. For the second year, Springfield’s Pension Consultants, Inc. is proud to be featured among the most outstanding DC advisor teams in the nation.


NAPA’s second annual Top DC Advisor Teams list joins the organization’s other industry lists as a “Who’s Who” of important players in world of retirement plan management. The list, “presents a compelling case for the positive impact on the nation’s private retirement system,” says Nevin Adams, Chief Content Officer of the American Retirement Association and Editor-in-Chief of NAPA-Net.


PCI Executive Director, Cody Mendenhall, CFP®, believes that inclusion in this list is a reflection of the importance of advisors who truly put their clients’ best interest at the forefront of their practice. “For 25 years, we have driven change in the industry that helps clients have confidence they are providing a good plan for their employees.  It is rewarding to know we are impacting people’s lives for the better.”


Many surveys show a lack of retirement readiness among many Americans who are approaching retirement. Instead of a storybook retirement, many will have to work long into their retirement years – or live a life that falls short of their expectations – because they lack the financial security they need to retire comfortably.


Our commitment to performance, integrity, and transparency has allowed us to earn the confidence of corporate plan fiduciaries. As the concern for the financial security and retirement success of American workers grows, PCI is dedicated to improving the financial lives of the participants in the plans we manage.


If you are a fiduciary concerned about the financial security of your plan’s participants, and you would like confidence that your plan is performing in a way that serves their best interests, we can help.  Our free performance review process can help you compare your plan to relevant objective performance standards and discover how your plan’s investments are performing, how your fees compare, and how much income your participants are on track to replace in retirement. Contact us today for more information.



About NAPA-Net

NAPA, a national industry publication, is a leading advocate for retirement plans and retirement plan advisors across the nation. NAPA has made its way into the daily lives of retirement planning professionals, and their publication provides valuable industry news and thought leadership. NAPA is part of the American Retirement Association, aiming to educate retirement plan professionals, and to preserve and enhance the employer-based retirement plan system.


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