Pension Consultants’ Research Analyst Wins 2014 Investment Outlook Contest for Best Oil Price Forecast

Springfield, MO, January 29, 2015 – Pension Consultants, Inc., a leader in offering in-depth, un-conflicted advice on every aspect of retirement plan management, is proud to announce that Terry Daniels, Senior Research Analyst, was recently awarded the 2014 CFA Society St. Louis (CFA-STL) Bulls Eye for Crude Oil Spot Price.  

Terry Daniels accepts CFA Bullseye Award
Terry Daniels (shown right) accepts 2014 CFA Society St. Louis Bulls Eye for Crude Oil Spot Price.

Contest participants were members of the CFA-STL, a professional society comprised of portfolio managers, security analysts, investment advisors, and other financial professionals. The 2014 forecasts were made at the end of 2013. Terry’s forecast of West Texas Intermediate crude oil was the closest to the actual 2014 year end finish.  For his forecast, he took into consideration the expected growth in GDP for the U.S. and rest of the world, the historical per barrel price of oil under different conditions in the past, and anticipated slower global growth.

Brian Allen, president of Pension Consultants, said “We’re very proud of Terry’s accomplishment and happy for the recognition he has received. It is a pleasure to work alongside someone as smart and talented as Terry.  Our clients ultimately are the beneficiaries of the highly-credentialed professionals we have on staff, but it sure is inspiring to get to work with them every day.”

Terry Daniels is a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) charter holder; one of the most respected and recognized investment designations worldwide. Prior to joining Pension Consultants in 2012, Terry was a semi-conductor and computer-hardware stock analyst for Edward Jones. He holds B.S. in Physics from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville (SIUE).


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