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How 401(k) Fund Changes Can Hide Poor Investment Performance


How 401(k) Fund Changes Can Hide Poor Investment Performance

Have you wondered if you have the complete investment performance story for your 401(k) plan? You aren’t alone. In this webinar, Chris Thixton, QPA, QKC, discusses how 401(k)’s investment reports can obscure poor performance. Chris offers valuable insights on spotting the traditional tactics used by advisers to conceal subpar results. This knowledge can empower you to make better-informed decisions about your plan’s investment lineup and help get your participants on track for retirement.



A critical component of a good 401(k) plan is an investment lineup that performs well. The returns participants receive from their investments compound powerfully over time enabling them to be on track for retirement.


Traditionally, most fund changes are brought on by an adviser’s decision to replace an underperforming fund with one that has had better recent performance. Most often, advisers stop reporting the performance of that fund once it’s out of the lineup.


Due to a lack of transparency, many fiduciaries do not know what is truly happening with their investment lineup and advisers are able to evade accountability for poor fund choices.


You need to know how your plan’s actual, complete investment lineup has performed over time.

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Chris Thixton, QPA, QKC, Principal, Pension Consultants, Inc.

Chris is a die-hard Kansas City Royals fan, enjoys good barbecue, and is an avid hiker. Some of his love for the great outdoors may have come from his direct ancestor, John Colter, the “Father of the Mountain Man” and member of the initial Lewis & Clark Expedition. For over two decades, he has been driven by his passion to advocate for improving the financial security of employees in the United States. 


As a Principal with Pension Consultants, Inc., Chris has spoken at over 50 conferences and programs, addressing the reality that most people aren’t on track for retirement. He currently serves on the leadership council for the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries which is one of five member organizations of the American Retirement Association based in Washington, DC. 


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