Pension Consultants, Inc. at TPSU

Chris Thixton, principal with Pension Consultants, Inc., is returning as Adjunct Lecturer for upcoming The Plan Sponsor University (TPSU) training programs. He will provide retirement plan fiduciaries with education about overseeing plans that prepare participants to retire on time with dignity.

Mr. Thixton, QPA, C(k)P®, will be lecturing on what it means for plan fiduciaries to offer a rewarding retirement for their participants, companies, and communities. In his session, he will walk through the honor and challenges fiduciaries face and offer insights to help you effectively manage and measure your plan. He will provide the tools to learn whether your participants are on track to retire on time with dignity, and what you can do to put them there.


Chris Thixton, QPA, C(k)P®

Principal, Pension Consultants, Inc.


Chris Thixton is passionate about improving the financial security of American workers. Since starting with Pension Consultants, Inc. (PCI) in 1995, he has been a tireless advocate for 401(k) and 403(b) plans that prepare participants to retire on time with dignity.

Chris shares his passion, knowledge, and experience as he educates fiduciaries, clients, and plan sponsors on how to deliver a top-performing retirement plan. A subject matter expert, he emphasizes fundamental concepts and practical approaches, and also tackles sophisticated challenges facing plan fiduciaries.


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About The Plan Sponsor University

The Plan Sponsor University (TPSU), an affiliate of TRAU, The Retirement Advisor University, offers the most comprehensive combination of online and in-person workplace retirement plan certification program for business owners, benefits specialists or other employer fiduciaries.

The Mission of The Plan Sponsor University is to introduce academic research, in the form of behavioral finance, into the conversation of management and oversight of employer sponsored retirement plans.

The Plan Sponsor University was founded to support concentrated continuing education in the areas of established practices and new concepts in retirement plan oversight. TPSU sessions are hands-on, interactive, and thought provoking.