Pension Consultants, Inc. Tops $4 Billion Assets In Our Care

Posted on February 8, 2021
Brian Allen, CFP®

Brian Allen, CFP®

Founder & Chairman of Pension Consultants, Inc.

We started 2021 with great news! PCI now has more than $4 billion in assets in our care! We’re thrilled to be one of the relatively small group of advisers to hit this mark. It is a major accomplishment and propels us forward in our mission to improve the financial security of American workers.


PCI Founder and Chairman, Brian Allen, CFP® offers his celebratory remarks, “This is a significant milestone in our history. There are few investment advisers in the country that oversee $4 billion. I feel blessed to see what has come of such a modest start over 26 years ago.” He goes on to express a sentiment felt by the entire PCI team, “And yet, I am full of excitement and anticipation, believing we are just getting started!”

At PCI, we never forget that every dollar we manage represents real money for real people. We relish the opportunity to make an impact on their lives. PCI delivers a comprehensive solution focused on providing a plan that successfully prepares them to retire on time with dignity. To help fiduciaries deliver results for their people, we focus on 3 key drivers that impact participants’ retirement readiness the most – total contributions, investment lineup, and plan fees.

We are especially thankful to our team, who continues to drive PCI towards success! We are grateful for those fiduciary clients who choose to join us on our journey towards a rewarding retirement experience that elevates workers, companies, and communities.

About PCI

Pension Consultants, Inc. (PCI) is an independent, fee-only retirement plan adviser on a mission to improve the financial security of American workers. PCI focuses on three key drivers of retirement readiness — Contributions, Investment Performance, Fees — to help plans prepare participants to retire on time with dignity. Pension Consultants, Inc. is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment adviser.

About Author

Brian Allen is the author of Rewarding Retirement: How Fiduciary Committees Can Elevate Workers, Companies, And Communities, and Founder & Chairman of Pension Consultants, Inc., a fee-only plan adviser on a mission to improve the financial security of American workers. Allen has been an advocate for professionalism and a pioneer in the qualified retirement plan industry for more than 25 years. He was an early mover to a business model that eliminates incentives and inducements that can influence recommendations to clients, including commissions, gifts, marketing payments, and exotic trips. 

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