Pension Consultants Named on Financial Advisor Magazine’s Annual RIA Ranking

Pension Consultants, Inc. (PCI), a leader in performance-driven retirement plan management, is excited to announce that the firm has been named in Financial Advisor (FA) Magazine’s 2019 RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) ranking for the second year!

PCI’s commitment to performance-driven plan management with transparent accountability allows us to provide confidence to fiduciary committees that the plan they manage is a Good one. When a fiduciary committee offers a Good Plan to their workforce, it is proven to dramatically improve their workforce’s financial security. We believe that the definition of a Good Plan is simple – A Good Plan is one that has three qualities:

  • The plan’s investment lineup performs well,
  • The fees paid by the plan are low, and
  • Employees are on track to retire.

PCI’s revolutionary approach to plan management aligns our interests with the fiduciary committee – to provide a Good Plan, by making our fees dependent on the performance we provide our client’s plans. Using objective performance standards – uncommon in the plan advisor industry- fiduciary committees never have to question if their plan is good, they’ll always know.

The list can be found on their website HERE. To view a copy of the official 2019 RIA Ranking, click HERE.

Financial Advisor Magazine

Financial Advisor, via the Investment Adviser Association, reports that RIAs managed more than $82.5 Trillion in assets in 2018*. The assets managed by RIAs like PCI represent the hard-earned retirement savings of American workers who rely on advisers to help secure and grow their savings in preparation for future retirement. These workers, and the companies that employ them, deserve to be served by an advisory firm that provides true outcome-driven value and keeps the participants’ best interest at the forefront of every decision.

Financial Advisor magazine is a top-ranked publication targeting professional financial advisers. Financial Advisor’s annual ranking article and list are based on an annual RIA Survey.

The list can be found on their website HERE. To view a copy of the official 2019 RIA Ranking, click HERE

Source: Rasmussen, Eric. “RIA Survey & Ranking 2019.” Press Release article. 18 July 2019.—ranking-2019-45701.html?section=133.

*(research survey for numbers)

Disclosure: To be considered for Financial Advisor’s Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) ranking, Pension Consultants, Inc. submitted a survey application form to Financial Advisors. The list includes registered investment advisory teams with a significant amount of assets under management (AUM), as of 12/31/2018. The complete list can be found here:  (ranking list)


PCI’s Executive Director Recently Featured on 401(k) TV for “Bold Decision” Performance-Driven Fee Structure

May 15th, 2019 – Mr. Cody Mendenhall, CFP®, Executive Director with Pension Consultants, Inc. (PCI), was featured on 401(k) TV, an affiliate with The Plan Sponsor University (TPSU) and The Retirement Advisor University (TRAU), discussing PCI’s “bold decision” to adopt a performance-based asset management fee structure.

Mr. Fred Barstein, Founder and Executive Director of 401(K) TV, sat down with Mr. Mendenhall at recent TPSU educational event to discuss PCI’s decision to start offering a performance-based asset management fee schedule. Mr. Mendenhall led us through the evolution of PCI’s fee structure over the last 25 years, and the decision to lead the plan adviser industry to a performance-based fee structure.

To put it simply, PCI wants to utilize a performance-driven plan management structure that will make a difference in the financial security of American workers. This means that a significant portion of the fees that PCI receives will be based on how we perform for our clients!

PCI is committed to providing our clients with a plan that performs well with transparent accountability. Let Mr. Mendenhall tell you more about how we do it in his featured video HERE. 


Pension Consultants Hosts 2019 Fiduciary Focus Conference

Every year Pension Consultants, Inc. proudly sponsors Fiduciary Focus Conference, hosted at the Chateau on the Lake in Branson, Missouri. Since 1996, Fiduciary Focus Conference (formerly Pension Focus Conference) has successfully provided fiduciary committee members valuable insight on how they can have confidence that the plan they offer to their employees is truly a GOOD one. This year was no exception!

This year, Fiduciary Focus Conference really honed in on topics that are critical to the conference’s fiduciary-based audience, as well as their roles and responsibilities in service to their plans. Audience members were able to experience hands-on training and engage in scenario-driven educational sessions. Additionally, this year’s speaker line-up represented a significant breadth and depth of industry knowledge from every area of retirement plan management. Speakers presented on several different topics and facilitated an open dialogue that helped fiduciaries be more prepared to make decisions that will help improve their plan’s outcomes and give them the confidence to know their plan is a good one.

Opening the first day and setting the tone of the conference, Mr. Chris Thixton, QPA, C(K)P® (Pension Consultants, Inc.), walked audience members through a comprehensive look at what a GOOD retirement plan looks like. He dove into the three qualities of a good plan: plan’s investment lineup, fees paid by the plan, and employee’s retirement readiness. He discussed how each of those areas should be measured to provide a clear plan performance picture, as well as what to measure those three qualities against – a relative, objective benchmark.  

Experts in employee benefits law Mr. Eric Namee, JD (Hinkle Law Firm LLC), and Ms. Felicia Finston, JD (Wilkins Finston Friedman Law Group), caught us up on current legal issues and regulatory updates in interactive breakout sessions. They worked with audience members through hands-on case studies and real world scenarios, walking them through common legal issues fiduciaries should be aware of. Some topics that were discussed in those sessions include: fiduciary decision-making and oversight, plan administration, vendor and fee management, employee relation issues, etc.

Thursday was rounded off with National Spokesperson with MassMutual Workplace Solutions, Mr. Tom Foster, JD. Mr. Foster led a discussion about the economic and financial value of the retirement plan. He presented strategies to help participants retire, reviewed the current state of the retirement plan business and how it’s evolving, as well as look at how to take action and make effective fiduciary decisions that result in positive outcomes.

The conference opened Friday’s breakfast session with Mr. Brian Allen, CFP® interviewing industry research expert Dr. Rui Yao, CFP® (University of Missouri), on current industry research findings and her perspective of the future of the industry. In this session, Dr. Yao presented staggering results that most retirement plan investment lineups are not performing well. The research has unveiled the need for the plan adviser industry to focus on performance.  

Friday concluded with the conference speakers reconvening for the Conference Faculty Panel, where audience members had a chance to ask the expert panel questions they had throughout the sessions.

Followed by the panel discussion, we broke out into our newly added session, the Fiduciary Roundtable Discussion. This brand new interactive workshop brought together all of the fiduciary audience to discuss the current state of their plans – the things that are going well and the things that may need improvement. 

Led by Pension Consultants, Inc.’s team, this session gave attendees potential actions or decisions they could make to influence the outcomes of their plan’s performance.

The first official Fiduciary Focus Conference was a resounding success, providing fiduciaries with the opportunity to grow their knowledge and gain confidence that the decisions they make on behalf of their employees them to having a GOOD plan.

Ready to Save the Date for 2020 Fiduciary Focus Conference? Visit HERE to add a calendar reminder for conference hosted on MAY 7 & 8, 2020! Or, visit conference website to learn more! 


2019 Fiduciary Focus Conference Speaker and Agenda Announced!

The 2019 Fiduciary Focus Conference, sponsored by Pension Consultants, Inc., is coming soon!

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Pension Consultants, Inc. included in PLANADVISER’s Top 100

(Springfield, MO, February 28, 2019) – Pension Consultants, Inc. (PCI), a leader in performance-driven retirement plan management, was recently recognized as one of PLANADVISER’s Top 100 Retirement Plan Advisers. PLANADVISER, a nationally recognized and leading resource for advisers and consultants in the retirement planning industry, compiles the Top 100 listing annually.

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Pension Consultants, Inc. Recently Named a 2018 NAPA Top DC Advisor Firm

The nation’s leading voice for retirement plan advisors – The National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) – has published its list of the top defined contribution (DC) advisor teams in the U.S. For the second year, Springfield’s Pension Consultants, Inc. is proud to be featured among the most outstanding DC advisor teams in the nation.

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What Hat Are You Wearing?

In today’s organizations, many employees are asked to take on multiple roles and responsibilities. This is especially true when considering the management of a corporate retirement plan. To better understand what role each person plays in the management of a 401(k) (or any other corporate retirement plan), we have to understand what roles there are to play.

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2018 Pension Focus Conference: Speaker Preview

The 2018 Pension Focus Conference, sponsored by Pension Consultants, Inc., is a don’t miss event featuring expert speakers on the topic of retirement plan performance. Designed specifically to educate retirement plan sponsors and fiduciaries working with corporate sponsored retirement plans on how to deliver a top-performing plan, Pension Focus has been equipping attendees for more than 20 years.

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Quick Compensation Primer – The Basics

July 2018 Update:

When you’re a fiduciary of a retirement plan, understanding the basics of plan administration is one of the most critical and essential functions of your duties to oversee the plan. Below you will find information on how your plan design defines three basic compensation types that you should be aware of.

Having confidence that your plan meets compliance standards gives you the opportunity to spend your time focusing on plan performance in high impact areas, such as providing an outperforming investment lineup, lowering plan fees, and improving your workforces’ retirement readiness.Continue reading