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Managing and Monitoring Your Retirement Plan's Vendors

As an employer with a qualified retirement plan, you are responsible for monitoring the plan’s vendors and making decisions in the best interest of your plan’s participants. Our vendor consultants and analysts can help you determine how to pay for plan expenses, and can help you monitor the plan’s current vendors, or search for new vendors that best fit the plan’s needs and goals.

How We Can Help You


Vendor Monitoring

Our vendor monitoring service is research-driven, custom and proprietary. We will annually analyze your plan’s vendors, to ensure the arrangements are reasonable and necessary, and being paid for in the best way. Let us help you find new opportunities to improve fees and services, save the plan money and reduce fiduciary risk.


Vendor Search

From time to time, it is prudent to search for new vendors to service the retirement plan. We can help you determine which vendor to hire to best fit the plan’s needs, while adhering to 408(b)(2) to determine if fees are reasonable and services necessary.

Our Vendor Team can also advise you on:

  • Paying for plan expenses
  • Fee litigation
  • Record keepers
  • Plan oversight
  • Revenue sharing
  • Covered service providers

Vendor Team

The Vendor Team consists of highly credentialed consultants and analysts who concentrate solely on retirement plan vendors. This unique service allows us to negotiate with vendors on your behalf, clarifying exactly what the vendor is providing you, helping you determine if their service is beneficial for the needs of your plan.

Meet the Team Leader

Todd Hughes
Todd Hughes

Todd oversees the Vendor Team to help clients evaluate and monitor the vendors that service the retirement plan; along with holding vendors, such as record keepers, accountable. He holds a Juris Doctor from Gonzaga University and has been with Pension Consultants since 2012.


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