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Keeping Your Plan Compliant

Offering an employer-sponsored retirement plan is a great employee benefit. But, to keep your plan compliant with ever-changing DOL and IRS rules and regulations, there are certain requirements you must follow. Our ERISA consultants and analysts can help you properly oversee the plan, make prudent decisions and reduce fiduciary risk.

How We Can Help You


Retirement Plan Compliance Exam

Our retirement plan compliance exam is designed to proactively catch costly mistakes prior to an audit or lawsuit. The exam helps to determine if your plan is doing what it’s supposed to be doing according to governmental rules and regulations, best practices and the plan’s documents.


Retirement Plan Committee Meetings

Retirement plan committees should oversee and make decisions about the retirement plan. Our ERISA experts can run your committee meetings and take the meeting’s minutes, reducing your risk and saving you time.

Our ERISA Team can also advise you on:

  • Fiduciary education and governance
  • Defined benefit transition
  • Merger and acquisition analysis
  • Administrative training
  • Administrative documents management
  • ERISA compliance
  • Plan corrections


The ERISA Team includes ERISA consultants and ERISA analysts. Each member of the ERISA Team is highly credentialed, holding either a JD or QPA, and understands the ever-changing rules and regulations, and the technicalities of qualified retirement plans.

Meet the Team Leader

Todd Hughes
Todd Hughes

Todd oversees the ERISA Team to ensure employers with qualified retirement plans are compliant with the rules and regulations governing retirement plans. He holds a Juris Doctor from Gonzaga University and has been with Pension Consultants since 2012.




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