3 1⁄2 Top Yet Uncommon Tips to Level Up Your 401(k) Investment Lineup

When you are a part of a fiduciary committee, you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. One of the most intimidating, yet vital, duties you have is selecting and monitoring the investment lineup of your retirement plan.


You must confidently know if your plan’s investment lineup decisions are the right ones to help your participants’ retirement readiness.


That’s why we put together the 3 ½ top, yet surprisingly uncommon, tips that can help your investment lineup reach its potential.

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What’s On the Menu? Make Sure You’re Well-Informed

Small improvements in your plan’s investment lineup’s performance can significantly impact the retirement readiness of your plan’s participants.


PCI Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Brian Allen, CFP® discusses how fiduciary committee decisions can greatly impact plan’s investment performance.

PCI Named on NAPA’s 2024 List of Nation’s Top DC Advisor Teams

Pension Consultants, Inc. is excited to be featured on NAPA’s 2024 ‘Nation’s Top DC Advisor Teams’ ranking! For 30 years, PCI has been mission-driven to improve the financial security of American workers. We accomplish this by helping our clients get their employees on track for a successful retirement. Based on the asset sizes of those who submitted to be included on the list, we are very proud to be among the top 100 advisers in the nation and the largest DC adviser based in Missouri.

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