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Help finding an adviser to provide results for your plan and employees


Download PCI’s Customizable RFP Tool. Use it to ask the right questions to find the adviser who can perform for you.


When you’re a retirement plan fiduciary, it can be daunting to start your search for a new service provider. You want to find an adviser to give you objective, measurable outcomes. You need confidence that they will deliver results for you and your employees.


Your first step may be to create a Request for Proposal (RFP). To help you select an adviser that performs, we have created this new, customizable template for you to download. You don’t even have to send your finished RFP to PCI, although we’d be happy to receive it. We simply want you to ask the right questions of every adviser you consider.



Download Customizable RFP Template Now for Free!


Conduct your fiduciary committee meetings seamlessly with customizable agenda template


Download PCI’s Customizable Committee Meeting Agenda       Template. Use it to run a thorough and professional meeting.


Conducting your fiduciary retirement plan committee meeting the right way means taking care of details AND focusing on the critical items you need to build a rewarding retirement for your participants. This agenda template puts the ERISA nuts and bolts into a comprehensive structure that can be applied to any committee! Now your meeting time  can be focused and structured without extra work.



Download Customizable Meeting Agenda Template Now for Free!


Record fiduciary committee meeting minutes simply with customizable template


Download PCI’s customizable committee meeting template. Use it to complete your meeting recordkeeping.


Generate professional and effective committee meeting minutes with this customizable template. Use this tool to capture important meeting takeaways quickly and intuitively. Pair it with our agenda template above, and you’ll be ready to go! Save time and create space to focus on the important components of building a rewarding retirement for your participants.



Download Customizable Committee Meeting Minutes Template Now for Free!

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Get to know ERISA nuts and bolts with sample 401(k) committee charter


Download PCI’s customizable retirement plan committee bylaws.

Use it to organize and document your role as 401(k) plan fiduciary.


For retirement plans that have investment or administrative committees, having a fiduciary committee charter in place could be a good way to mitigate liability. There are ever-changing rules you must adhere to in order to keep your plan ERISA-compliant and limit your exposure to risk. Utilizing this sample committee meeting charter template may be able to help!


Don’t get bogged down with ERISA and compliance. Download this sample template to save your committee liability, time, and resources.



Download Sample Retirement Plan Committee Bylaws Template Now

for Free!


We Want You to Know

Pension Consultants, Inc. (PCI) provides these templates as sample documents only. No specific use by any individual or company is recommended or implied. Each user assumes responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, and suitability of documents they prepare for their own use. As is defined by the bodies governing law practice within the states in which PCI does business, PCI does not engage in the unauthorized practice of law; PCI does not provide legal services; and PCI does not provide the protections that would be allotted to persons engaged in an attorney-client relationship. If assistance is needed in making legal determinations, counsel in the appropriate jurisdiction should be retained, and PCI may provide consulting services, if needed.


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