PCI Recently Featured in RPA Convergence, “RPA Plan Pricing Is in Dire Need of a Refresh”

Posted on June 10, 2021


In recent InvestmentNews’ RPA Convergence article, “RPA Plan Pricing Is in Dire Need of a Refresh,” Fred Barstein, Consulting Editor and Founder of 401kTV and The Retirement Advisor University, highlights the need for advisers to re-evaluate the way fees are structured for their clients – and we couldn’t agree more! Fred features PCI as a prime example of bold, progressive, and meaningful fee structures.


PCI operates exclusively as a fee-only adviser. We accept no commissions, either up front or on the back end. Our fee structure is proof of our commitment to conducting business for the benefit of our clients and plan participants. We believe there are 3 key drivers of retirement readiness: Contributions, Investment Performance, and Fees. Our team works tirelessly for our clients, and their participants, to measure performance and provide verifiable results in these 3 areas.


We are so passionate and focused on this goal that, for our current services offered, two-thirds of our fees are tied to providing objective results. These clients’ fees give our fiduciaries committees confidence that they are providing their employees with a plan that prepares them to retire on time with dignity!


Learn more about PCI’s performance-driven fee structure by scheduling a meeting with us here. View Fred’s full RPA Convergence article: https://www.rpaconvergence.com/rpa-plan-pricing-is-in-dire-need-of-a-refresh/

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