Performance-Driven Method Earns National Ranking

Performance-Driven Method Earns National Ranking

Posted on July 27, 2018

Pension Consultants, Inc. is excited to announce that the firm has been named in Financial Advisor Magazine’s 2018 RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) ranking.  Pension Consultants ranked #88 of 275 ranked RIAs with more than $1 Billion Assets, and 707 total ranked RIAs.

PCI’s intense focus on performance-driven retirement plan management has allowed us to differentiate ourselves in an industry where true retirement plan performance, and its impact on the American worker’s ability to retire successfully and securely, are often obscured.

Executive Director Cody Mendenhall says, “Our mission is to improve the financial security of the American worker.  The best way we can accomplish that is by providing plan fiduciaries with confidence that they are providing a good plan for their employees.  A plan where the investment lineup outperforms an all index lineup, net of fees.  A plan where the plan fees are in the lower half of plans of similar size.  A plan where the employees projected retirement income is in the top half of plans in the employer’s industry. ”

PCI’s revolutionary approach to retirement plan management stakes our firm’s success on our client’s success, by making the firm’s fees dependent on the performance we provide our client’s plans. Using objective performance standards – uncommon in the financial advisor industry and virtually unheard of among plan advisors – we push our client’s plans toward top-performance using a corporate culture of performance that aligns employee and firm success with client success.

Financial Advisor, via the Investment Adviser Association, reports that RIAs managed more than $70 Trillion in assets in 2017.  4%, or 680, of those advisors, including Pension Consultants, manage assets of more than $1B. The assets managed by RIAs like Pension Consultants represent the hard-earned retirement savings of American workers who rely on advisors to help secure and grow their savings in preparation for future retirement. These workers, and the companies that employ them, deserve to be served by an advisory firm that keeps the participants’ best interest at the forefront of every decision.

Financial Advisor magazine is a top-ranked publication targeting professional financial advisors. FA’s annual ranking article and list are based on survey results, and discuss both the current state of and future predictions for registered investment advisors. To learn more about the Financial Advisor survey and rankings, visit the FA article.

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