PCI Founder and Chairman, Brian Allen, CFP®, featured in The Street Retirement Daily with Robert Powell, CFP®

Posted on February 1, 2021

Brian Allen, CFP®, Pension Consultants, Inc.’s founder and chairman, recently contributed to Retirement Daily on The Street.com. Robert Powell’s site featured Brian’s article, “401(k) Plan Committees Often Hold the Key to Americans’ Retirement Readiness,” discussing the honorable and challenging role 401(k) plan committee members play in their employees’ ability to retire on time with dignity. We agree with Brian’s call-to-action for the industry it’s time to put fiduciaries in the limelight and elevate their critical role for our workers.

Building rewarding retirement starts with 401(k) plan committees having the right tools and focusing on the results their people truly receive. Brian’s article reiterates 3 key drivers every fiduciary committee needs to measure to know how effective their plan is for participants:

1.       Total Contributions that Lift Income Replacement

2.       Investment Lineup that Captures Compounding

3.       Low Fees that Keep Money in the Plan

Brian details each of these drivers and much more. You can view the full article here.

Don’t forget to order your copy of Brian Allen, CFP®’s book, Rewarding Retirement: How Fiduciary Committees Can Elevate Workers, Companies, and Communities and learn how to build your fiduciary toolbox at www.rewardingretirementbook.com.

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