New Developments as Pension Consultants Enters 20th year in Business

Last Updated: March 14, 2014

SPRINGFIELD, MO, March 14, 2014 – As Pension Consultants enters its 20th year in business, the firm is pleased to announce several new developments that are a direct result of growth. As of the end of Q4 2013, assets under advisement totaled over $2.63B, up 20% over the prior year. As the company has grown and continues to do so, the infrastructure and leadership team is adapting to accommodate. The following changes will allow Pension Consultants to continue to grow the organization by providing exceptional, world-class solutions in the retirement planning industry both to current and future clients. As founder and president, Brian Allen has served as the director of both finance and operations throughout the history of the firm. In December, Rhonda Wright was hired to serve in the capacity of Director, Finance and Operations. Rhonda joins Pension Consultants most recently as Chief Financial Officer for Redneck Trailer Supplies, a supplier of trailer axles, trailer parts and trailer accessories. Prior to that, Rhonda had a 12 year career with Hydro Aluminum North America, most recently serving as the Vice President Central Region. Her hire completes the executive team and adds significant executive leadership experience, and business strategy and analysis to the team.
To direct the growth of the company including entrance into new markets, a newly created position, Director, Sales and Marketing, will be filled by Laurie Tomko. She will be responsible for leading the efforts of a team of sales and marketing professionals to achieve revenue goals. Laurie, who joined Pension Consultants over three years ago, has successfully established a lead-generation marketing discipline having created and managed most of the firm’s marketing materials. Laurie most recently served as Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing at Pension Consultants where she developed the strategy and created transparency in the firm’s first focused sales discipline. With a 20+ year career, Laurie most recently hailed from the specialty insurance division of Alliance. Laurie will continue to serve as a member of the executive team. In his 19th year at Pension Consultants, Chris Thixton has been an integral part of the success of the firm having built nearly all of the firm’s plan sponsor client relationships. Chris most recently served in business development for plan sponsor clients, and as Director, Vendor Services. In his role as Director, Vendor Services, Chris served as the chief architect of the proprietary Vendor Services Program and led the development of various services including Vendor Monitoring. Although he will retain account management of vendor clients, to support the growth goals of the firm Chris will focus his efforts on business development, and educating plan sponsors on how to best enhance their plans. Chris remains a member of the executive team. Todd Hughes has provided leadership as Director, ERISA Services for the past year and half, and will be taking on a new role to also oversee Vendor Services. In Todd’s new position as Director, ERISA and Vendor Services, he will provide increased consistency in both professional services, which align well due to the relationship between record keepers and compliance issues. Prior to joining Pension Consultants, Todd was at Panagiotu Pension Advisors, Inc. in Spokane, Washington for nine years. He will lead the ERISA and vendor teams, and will continue to serve on the executive team. Additionally, Pension Consultants announces that due to his superior efforts in researching and determining world-class investment managers, Terry Daniels is promoted to Senior Research Analyst. Prior to joining Pension Consultants, Terry served both as a Technology Equity Analyst and Senior Portfolio Manager for Edward Jones. Pension Consultants is also pleased to announce that Rob McCracken has successfully obtained his Certified Financial PlannerTM professional designation. Subsequently, Rob has been promoted from Instructor to Consultant, RetireAdvisers® Services. PCI’s archived blog entries are dated, the rules and statutes referenced may have changed. The analysis or guidance within these blog entries may have become stale, dated, or no longer accurate. PCI will not update or change these entries to reflect the latest analysis or development.


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