A good fiduciary wants a good plan.

You Want a Good Plan.

You’re a member of your company’s 401(k) or 403(b) plan committee, and you want to do a good job. But how do you know if you’re accomplishing that goal? That confidence comes from knowing you have a good plan: your investment lineup performs well, your plan fees are low, and your employees are on track for retirement.

PCI’s performance-driven retirement plan management services, and commitment to transparent and easy-to-understand reporting, were designed to give fiduciaries like you confidence in a job well-done.

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Do You Have a Good Plan?

A plan’s investment lineup, fees, and how much income participants are on track to replace are key factors of a good retirement plan.  How can you be confident your plan is a good one?

Hey Fiduciary,

You Want to do a Good Job

You oversee the management of your company’s retirement plan and you want a good plan, but you’re not quite sure exactly what that means or how to tell if your plan measures up.

We get it, and we’re here to help.

Performance Standards

It’s Easier Than You Think.

Knowing if you have a good plan can be simple. We believe that a good plan performs in three key areas:

The investment lineup performs well, the fees paid by the plan are low, and participants are on track to replace enough income in retirement.

When you understand these three things, you won’t have to wonder if your plan is good – you’ll know.


But, There’s a Problem.

You need to know how your plan is performing in the three key areas, but your reports may be measuring the wrong things.

Very few 401(k) or 403(b) committee members actually receive the information they need to know how their plan is performing in the three critical areas. You might receive lengthy reports and presentations that give an image of expertise, but not clarity about the actual plan performance. Your reports should give you confidence, not confusion.


Does Your Plan Adviser Value Performance As Much As You Do?

Utilizing performance-driven plan management can make the difference. 

PCI is committed to providing you with a plan that performs well, transparent and easy-to-understand reporting, and confidence in a job well done.


Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to see if you have a good plan? We’re ready to show you! Click the button below to discover your plan’s true performance.

With just some simple information about your plan, our team can see how your plan is performing in the three key areas. Then, we’ll set up a meeting with you and your team to review the results and talk about how we can help.