What should you do with your money?

Whether you’re changing jobs or retiring, figuring out what to do with your retirement accounts doesn’t have to be confusing. With the right guidance, you can review and evaluate where your retirement savings stand and where to put your money. This session will help you navigate the best course of action that keeps you on track to retire on time.

Your consultant will help you decide which of the four options is best for you.

Your consultant will help you decide which of the four options is best for you.

Leave your money in the plan.

Understand whether your current plan is a better fit for you and your retirement goals.

Rollover to a new employer's plan.

Decide whether your new employer’s plan can better meet your needs.

Rollover to an IRA.

Identify if you’re interested in more investment options or need more flexibility with withdrawals in retirement.

Withdraw the balance.

Gain a better understanding of the impact that cashing out can have on your retirement future.

What You’ll Get From The Session

Take Advantage of This Opportunity Provided by Your Employer

RetireAdvisers℠ of Pension Consultants Inc. (a.k.a your 401(k)’s plan adviser) offers 30-minute 1:1 virtual guidance sessions to help you determine your steps to achieve your ideal retirement. As we walk you through your distribution options and plan’s vesting schedule, we’ll explain the pros and cons of each option so you can make a well-informed decision that helps you retire on time, with dignity.

Get on Track for Retirement

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