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Have Us Evaluate Your Current Plan’s Performance

The Problem

As a 401(k) or 403(b) fiduciary, you need to know that your plan’s investment lineup is performing well, the fees paid by your plan are low, and that your employees are on track to replace enough income in retirement. BUT, standard industry practices don’t always give you the full performance picture in these critical areas.

The Solution

You should always have the information you need to be confident your plan is good, and our team can help.

PCI’s performance review process will evaluate your plan’s performance in the three critical areas by looking at your current metrics and comparing that to established objective standards.  Then, we’ll meet with you to present your results and discuss how you can improve.

What To Bring


Ready to Evaluate Your Plan’s Performance?



Speak with an adviser who has evaluated your plan in the three critical areas.


Understand how your current plan is performing.


Learn what you can do to improve your plan’s performance.