A More Engaged Workforce Leads to a More Successful Business​

Only about 36% of employees in the United States currently say that they’re engaged with their job. This is certainly an issue, as employee disengagement impacts productivity, profitability, and even customer service – not to mention long-term employee retention.

The Cost of Employee Engagement

Additional factors for low employee engagement include low contributions from current employees, unreasonable fees which negatively impact the reputation of the business, and poorly performing lineups.

Employee disengagement costs the US economy between $450 billion and $550 billion each year

A highly engaged workforce can increase productivity for an organization by 21% or more

The PCI Approach

Every employee deserves to know that their employer is making meaningful contributions to help secure their financial future. At PCI, we focus on one of the absolute best ways to not only attract top talent into your organization, but to retain them throughout their careers: retirement.

That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping fiduciaries and their organizations choose the right plan for the right workforce at the right time. Our focus on high performing retirement plans, when paired with transparent communication, allow your workforce to better understand how to secure the future they’ve always seen for themselves.

When employees know that their employer cares about their livelihood, they become more engaged with their jobs and the quality of their work improves. That, in turn, improves relations with existing clients.

With PCI’s expert guidance and resources, you can address one of the biggest issues that organizations face – making sure that the workforce is where it needs to be to propel the business forward.

If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, or if you have any questions, reach out today.

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