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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Paying unnecessary fees eats away at your participants’ hard earned retirement funds. Think of it as an on-going negative investment return. If excessive, the fees can eat away at the most successful returns. PCI manages your plan’s service providers and their fees. If we don’t hit the performance standard, we reduce our fees.

    Your investment lineup should outperform an all-index lineup. This is determined by your plan adviser’s manager selection skill. Advisers, in general, avoid reporting this because it can expose their mistakes. We, on the other hand, believe in radical reporting transparency and fee accountability. Therefore, you’ll know exactly how your investment lineup (and we) are performing.

    First, measure the appropriate key performance indicator (KPI) – your average participant is on track to replace 70% or more of their income in retirement. PCI manages your plan’s contributions against this performance standard, transparently reporting to your plan committee each quarter.

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