How investors should respond to the market’s reaction to “Brexit”

In a historic vote, the people of the United Kingdom (UK) have voted to leave the European Union (EU), and markets around the globe are moving wildly today. "Brexit" impact on investorsThe British Exit or “Brexit” from the EU has several implications long and short term, but first it is important to understand what happened and why. The vote is a culmination of anxiety from the British people about relinquishing control of their laws to the EU, which is based in Brussels. The UK had very little control over policy in general, but immigration and trade were two of the main sticking points. While immigration has boiled over of late, with the mass influx of people from the Middle East, it has roots further back to 2004 when several of the former Soviet Union satellite countries joined the EU and many of their people immigrated to the UK. The EU allowed for refugees to immediately claim unemployment benefits with no requirement for living in the host country for any period of time. This cultural issue now created an economic problem for the UK. Continue reading

Paint Me Your Retirement Picture

Every day retirement advisers help people plan for their retirement by quizzing them on their assets, liabilities, personal finances, net worth, and lifestyle choices.  They assist people in establishing and reaching retirement financial goals.  The advisers crunch numbers and analytically estimate what retirement will look like for their clients. They build graphs, make assumptions, and run a Monte Carlo simulation model for their clients. Continue reading

First Quarter 2016 Capital Markets Update

With Q1 2016 in the review mirror, let’s look back to see what transpired. On the Global Macro front we saw a lot of moving parts. The Central Banks in Europe and Japan are experimenting with negative interest rates. A central bank has never before implemented a negative interest rate policy. Continue reading

Six Ways to Create a More Productive Workforce

A recent study revealed how much of a negative impact financial concerns have on employees’ on-the-job productivity. Those who are struggling financially report being highly distracted on the job 12.4 days per year on average[1]. That’s one day a month! How would you like to recover that lost productivity? One way to help reduce that stress is by promoting good financial fitness with the members of your workforce. Continue reading

Underestimating Retirement

The financial planning industry has overplayed the marketing line ‘what’s your number.” I am referring to how financial literature and commercials primarily focus on having a particular asset value (i.e. one million dollars) and once you reach that mythical dollar amount you can have a successful retirement. Continue reading

Pension Consultants named a 2016 PLANSPONSOR Retirement Plan Adviser of the Year finalist

(Springfield, MO, February 23, 2016) – Pension Consultants, Inc., a leader in offering in-depth, un-conflicted advice on every aspect of retirement plan management, was recently named one of five finalists for the 2016 PLANSPONSOR Retirement Plan Adviser of the Year award. PLANSPONSOR, a national publication, is the leading authority on retirement and benefits programs and is dedicated to helping employers navigate the complex world of retirement plan design and strategy. Continue reading

Pension Consultants Tops List of Area’s Largest Certified Financial Planners

Pension Consultants, Inc. tops the list of the area’s largest certified financial planner professionals (CFP®)  in the January 18-24, 2016 print edition of the Springfield Business Journal. The article ranks southwest Missouri area companies by the number of certified financial planner (CFP®) professionals and then by financial planning staff. Pension Consultants retains their number one ranking from the previous year. The article also lists assets under management (AUM) and assets under advisement (AUA), and services offered. Listed services include retirement plan management, individual retirement planning, investment management, financial planning, and more.


Fourth Quarter 2015 Capital Markets Update

Equity markets remained volatile during 2015’s 4th quarter, moving substantially higher to erase the significant losses from Q3. While most of the economic conditions were unchanged from the prior quarter, markets flipped to the “glass-half-full” mindset. Continue reading

How do I know when to retire? (part 2)

Part 2: Three reasons to retire as soon as possible

How do you decide when to retire? In part one of this topic, we saw that the more important question is not, “When can I retire?”, but, “When is the best time for me to retire?”  We reviewed three reasons why you might want to delay retirement past the time when many of your coworkers have left the workforce. Continue reading

Pension Consultants’ staff members nominated for NAPA Young Guns – 2016 Top Plan Advisers

Todd Hughes, Cody Mendenhall, Pete Harris, and Rob McCracken of Pension Consultants were nominated for NAPA1 Young Guns – 2016 Top Plan Advisers Under 40. They were nominated because they demonstrate the skills, passion and vision that’s needed in the retirement planning industry.

If you’d like to weigh in on who you think are the Top Plan Advisers, you can vote at Voting is simply; just select the consultant(s) name for the list and hit submit. You can vote for just one consultant, some or all. Voting is open through Monday, January 11, 2016.

1 National Association of Plan Advisors

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