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Pension Consultants, Inc. wins 401kTV Genie Award for Investment Design

Last Updated: December 18, 2019

December 5, 2019 – Pension Consultants, Inc. (PCI) won the 2019 DC Genie Award for Investment Design of retirement plans. The recognition from 401kTV came for PCI’s innovative method of tracking and reporting plan performance with true transparency and accountability.

The Award applauds PCI’s work to capture full investment results, not just performance of individual funds, and to compare results to a rigorous objective performance standard. Fred Barstein – Founder and CEO of The Retirement Advisor University, The Plan Sponsor University, and 401kTV – put it this way, “PCI is the only one showing what’s really happening for plans and participants. Their reporting is a bold and important move, and really brings transparency to the world of retirement plans.”   

PCI Principal, Chris Thixton, QPA, C(k)P®, (pictured center below) attended the Chicago award ceremony, and accepted the honor on the team’s behalf. Chris is an adjunct lecturer with The Plan Sponsor University, and is dedicated to showing fiduciaries how they can achieve results that truly work in the best interest of participants. 

PCI’s revolutionary approach starts with being a fee-only adviser, and continues with showing objective performance standards and transparent reporting for all aspects of the plan – investments, fees, and participants’ readiness to retire. This openness culminates in a direct link between plan results and PCI’s fees, a practice nearly unheard of in the plan adviser industry.

Thank you to 401(k) TV for their recognition. At PCI, we will continue working toward our purpose: to improve the financial security of America workers.

You can view the Awards highlight reel and winners of the DC Genie Awards on 401(k) TV’s website HERE.

About 401(k) TV and the Genie Award

401kTV is a leading resource for financial professionals responsible for creating and maintaining retirement benefit programs for their company employees. It is written by leading experts and contributors that are focused on the areas of: plan creation and optimization, compliance, and collaborative resources.

The 401kTV Genie Award recognizes implemented innovation that has improved retirement outcomes with a focus on creative use of technology. The Genie recognizes innovation in five areas: Plan Design, Investment Design, Employee Communication, Employee Education and Advice, and Technology. Nominations are made by companies and individuals across the retirement plan industry, including plan sponsors and advisers.

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