Vendor Services

Vendor ServicesAn independent expert is essential in negotiating with employer retirement plan vendors. Our Vendor Services department performs extensive research and constantly updates an exhaustive database of record keepers, custodians and trustees along with the plans and services they provide.

When it comes to dealing with record keepers, from the sales pitch to daily maintenance, we advocate for your interests. While most plan sponsors begin with a positive relationship with their record keeper, over time, things can change. You may not be aware of the best industry practices because the current record keeper does not provide competitive information. You may not know if the once reasonable price offered remains reasonable today. Maybe your business has changed so dramatically that the plan you have has little to do with your current needs. We address your concerns with your record keeper, and negotiate necessary changes.

The retirement plan industry is riddled with miscommunications and missed expectations between plan sponsors and record keepers. Without conflicts of interest, we act as an advocate to outline expectations and improve your plan. As a research-driven firm we emphasize prudent process to our clients, establish realistic expectations and ensure that vendors adhere to the plan we outline. Because we eliminate the emotion of the sales pitch and need to maintain a product, we help clients maintain a strong plan that suits their needs.

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