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Investment ServicesDeveloping a strong investment portfolio is everyone’s goal. But it can be a daunting task. You have tens of thousands of available funds, and you must monitor those funds 24/7. Our Investment Services department takes over that tremendous responsibility by working as your objective advisor. We narrow the field to find the funds that best suite your financial goals, and then we monitor those funds, to make sure they are working to improve your portfolio.

As a fee-based, research-driven firm, we developed aggressive guiding principals for evaluating and choosing the investments for both plan sponsors and individuals. These principals include a rigorous search methodology that yields quantitative and qualitative insight into the field of available funds. What most in the industry call research, we call screening. Screening is when advisors sort through computer generated reports and make recommendations based on that information. The problem is, an advisor relying solely on screened information (as most are) will never uncover the complete truth. That’s how we are different. While screening is a useful technique, it is just the starting point for our in-depth research, which gets further challenged by our Investment Committee prior to presenting a recommendation to a client.

Because we are not a sales-oriented firm, our processes are based on best practices, not the latest marketing scheme. We use the Modern Portfolio Theory as part of our well thought-out approach. This theory shows it is not enough to look at the expected risk and return of just one particular stock. But instead invest in more than one stock in order to reap the benefits of diversification, along with a reduction of risk in your portfolio.

As your objective advisor, we can help fiduciaries running employer-sponsored plans monitor the progress of their plans, and choose the right investments for your company. We can also help individuals develop a personalized portfolio, and keep them informed on the progress of their retirement plan, so they can be confident in their financial future.

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