Our Services

Pension Consultants is a unique resource for plan sponsors with fiduciary responsibility. Because we operate independently, we are able to provide assistance with any facet of your pension plan, including ERISA services, record keeper and investment search, selection and monitoring, and retirement plan education and advice. We’re an asset to individuals as well. We apply our extensive knowledge of the retirement plan industry to your retirement plan to show you how to make informed decisions.

ERISA Services

ERISA ServicesWhat is ERISA? ERISA (also known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) was established to protect the assets of millions of Americans who invest in employer-sponsored retirement plans. ERISA does not require that any employer establish a benefits plan, rather it mandates that those who do offer plans adhere to appropriate standards. Continue reading »

Investment Services

Investment ServicesDeveloping a strong investment portfolio is everyone’s goal. But it can be a daunting task. You have tens of thousands of available funds, and you must monitor those funds 24/7. Our Investment Services department takes over that tremendous responsibility by working as your objective advisor. We narrow the field to find the funds that best suite your financial goals, and then we monitor those funds, to make sure they are working to improve your portfolio. Continue reading »

RetireAdvisers® Education and Advice Services

RetireAdvisers ServicesThe end result from retirement planning is to allow people to live comfortably after their careers. To achieve this goal, people must be engaged in the retirement planning process. Continue reading »

Vendor Services

Vendor ServicesAn independent expert is essential in negotiating with employer retirement plan vendors. Our Vendor Services department performs extensive research and maintains (and constantly updates) an exhaustive database of record keepers, custodians and trustees and the plans and services they provide. Continue reading »

Plan Sponsor Review

Plan Sponsor Review ServicesFor prospective clients, we created a process called the Plan Sponsor Review.The purpose of the Plan Sponsor Review is to provide you with concrete improvements to your plan and its operation while simultaneously letting you sample the value of the services Pension Consultants provides. Through this complimentary service, we gauge how your plan is performing in terms of ERISA compliance. We also conduct an Investment Review and Vendor Assessment, and analyze how your plan is working for Participants. Continue reading »